Two Guys with Guitars

My boss is crazy, but sometimes she gives good advice.  Granted, she was giving it to her son, but since he doesn’t listen, I may as well.  He was complaining that he never has any fun, and she told him that he has a car and a debit card; if he’s home lonely not having any fun, that’s on him. 

I have a car and a debit card, too.  So I went to McHale’s for a beer and to listen to the band.  I really enjoy going to listen to small bar bands, particularly the folky, funky, accoustic type of band like was playing there tonight.  This is not Mr. L’s type of music, and he doesn’t like going out to noisy bars.  I’ve fallen out of the habit of doing my own thing, even when he is away or busy.  I think it’s OMS–Old Married Syndrome.  You just get in the habit of doing things together, and only the things you both like doing, and using free time for things like catching up on bills and washing dishes. 

Fuck the dishes.

So, I went to the bar and listened to two guys with guitars play folky music and drank a very expensive beer and ate onion rings, and had an hour to just be myself.  What do you know, I found some pleasure.


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