Okay, yeah, resolutions blah blah blah

Even though it’s been the new year for a full week now, today is my first day back at work, so it feels like the real new year.  Vacation’s over, back to the grindstone, get down to business, and all that.  So, now is a good time to set out my intentions for this year.  Here are some things I plan to tackle in my Plan for a Fabulous Me in 2013!

1) Complain less: I can be a whiner.  If I feel outraged or ill-used or just pissy, I can drone on about it for hours.  My poor husband has it worst, having to listen to this stream of negativity most every day when I get home from work, dumping all the day’s woes both big and small on him.  Poor P hears it all the time, too, when I’m hanging out at the desk recounting the many ways I have been irritated throughout the day.  I need to stop that.  It doesn’t do me any good to rehash stuff over and over, and it stresses them out to hear me.  So, I intend to do better at leaving all the (unimportant) junk at my desk.

2) Gossip less: This is a tough one for me.  Information is, after all, my stock in trade, and who doesn’t love holding that one vital piece of intel about someone and being able to drop it oh so juicily into the ears of their adoring public? “Oooh, did you hear that Susie and Joe were caught canoodling in the stair well?  What’s her husband going to think about that?!  Oh, and I heard that June’s son got arrested for pot.  And her a teacher!  Can you imagine?”  It creates a sense of bonding between me and the gossippee, but really, how is this stuff going around beneficial to anyone?  True or not, it lowers everyone’s opinion of everyone else, including their opinion of me, the talebearer.   My friend Shan-man used to have a joke that there were three ways of getting things around: telephone, telegraph, and tell-a-Rae.  Har-dee-har-har.  That was in high school, but I think it’s still true, and it’s not one of my more stellar qualities.  I got a fortune cookie last week that said, “Speak only well of people and you need never whisper.” Even Confucius (or his Chinese fortune-cookie writing counterpart) knows I talk too much.  Dang!

3) The health thing: I had lost nearly 30 pounds over the course of the last year.  Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, I gained 10 of it back.  Santa blessed me abundantly with chocolate, and I dutifully ate every piece of it, and made sure to get seconds and thirds of all the great holiday leftovers.  Since we were in the middle of the Christmas Crazies, we ate out all the dang time, too.  Zaxby’s parted me and much of my money (and I just looked up their House Zalad, which is 981 calories.  981!  For a salad!).  So, back on track.  I made it to the gym before breakfast this morning, and then I cooked at home despite the desire we both had to eat out.  It was a good start.

4) The career thing: I’ve been unhappy in my job for several years.  It is no secret that I work for a company that some might consider crazy, but I stay because of the nice paycheck, and the lack of other options.  So, I need to actually explore what would make me more marketable, and perhaps do some soul-searching about whether it’s the company alone that makes me dissatisfied, or the field.  Would I be happier at a different library?  Would I be happier in any job at all?  I sure as heck can’t see myself spending the next 30 years of my working life here, but unless Ed McMahon comes back from the dead to bring me my Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes winnings, I will have to spend the next 30 years working somewhere.  So how do I get hired at that place that I could love to stay, for the pay I need to get?  Note to self: perhaps it’s time to seek a leadership role in one or the other of the associations you belong to.  Or something.

5) The house: That honey-do list isn’t going to tackle itself, so get on it!  Some of the projects on it have been sitting since we moved into the house 2 1/2 years ago (ahem, back porch railing, bedroom window). I have someone coming by on Thursday to look at the floor, which is item #1, so that’s off to a good start, too.  

I am sure I have other shortcomings that could use examining, but for now, this list will do.  


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