Heat, glorious heat!

It has been a cold few days at Casa Librarienne! Our furnace went out.  We knew it was on its last legs, but there is never a good time for stuff like this to happen.  Certainly during the only cold snap with any sort of significant snow in our area for the entire winter is the worst time.  The new furnace is being put in today–sometime.  It’s hard to pin the workmen down on a specific time.  They’ll be by whenever the first job of the day is done, and please Flying Spaghetti Monster, let that one go smoothly! It’s supposed to rain for the rest of the week, and I am surely tired of a frozen tushy when I go into my unheated bathroom.

Of course Mr. L has a bunch of lessons scheduled today, and rehearsal for this weekend’s recital that he can’t miss, so I’m begging off my afternoon meetings to take a vacation half day to go home for the signing of paperwork, and to let the workmen in. One of us has to be there, or we don’t get to have heat, and it’s supposed to be 20 degrees tonight.  I can’t have pipes burst and have a plumbing issue to deal with, too! It seems there is always a conflict between between taking care of my house and family, so I have someplace nice to come home to each day, and taking care of my job, so I can afford to have the house and family. Insert continued but half-hearted grumble here.

But, the very big bright side is that by tonight, we’ll have a furnace again. I swear I’m going to put on the biggest nightgown I have and stand over the air vent and let it fill up like a hot air balloon, and see if I float away from happiness. Bless you, furnace man, for bringing the warmth back to my house!


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