In which I resolve to get crafty

Our house has become a pocket of chaos. My father-in-law has recently remarried, and so has moved out of his house and is planning on sending much of its contents home with us when we are there for the 4th of July. Since we know we have a ton of stuff coming in, much of which is of the antique, family heirloom variety, we are furiously rearranging and selling and redoing to make space.

The upside of all of this is that the black hole that was my desk has now been emptied, revealing the lovely tiger maple library table it really is. It’s now in the corner in the living room, and is the new home of my sewing machine and the bin of cloth that I keep meaning to turn in to fun new clothes. In celebration, I went out and bought myself the pattern to make this:


I have a really light ice blue crepe fabric that I think will flow nicely in this shape, and so it’s now my goal to put this dress together this summer, and figure out how one actually fits a pattern to themselves. My mom used to do this all the time, but she had my grandma or me to help with pinning. Mr. L may find himself taking a crash course in being the seamstress’s assistant. Or I might try to make one of these:


Likely there will be some frustration, as my sewing skills are a bit rusty. I’ll post results as I go, though. Here’s hoping for fun, and cheap new pretty dresses!


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