Management sucks

I was older than I should have been when I realized that managers got paid well because management is a pain in the ass. You are being paid to handle hassle. You are always enforcing the will of the people above you on the people below you, even when you think what they are doing is dumb, or immoral, or unproductive, and everyone is always trying to sneak stuff past you, hoping you won’t notice them sliding by.  That includes the people above you, always tossing their work down, because the people above them did the same.  I think I don’t want to be a manager any more, at least not of people. Unfortunately, the career I have chosen seems to require being one, particularly if you want to make a living wage.  The parts of the job that I loved when I was a student assistant are, of course, things that are done by students, not actual librarians.  Stupid me to not realize that.

So, what does one do with a library degree that doesn’t require managing people?  Cat herding?  Manuscript illumination?  Barrista?  I need a new direction!


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